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How Warmer Weather Risks Can Lead to Car Accidents

We all know that rain and other inclement weather can pose a significant danger for drivers. However, it may come as a surprise that many seasonal accidents can occur during the warmer months as well. When the weather is nicer, more people are traveling on the road. But as the temperatures increase, so does the risk of car accidents

There are many ways in which warmer weather can increase the odds of getting into a car accident. During the spring and summer construction increases, there are more motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians taking to the streets. The higher temperature can also cause more issues.

Vehicle Failure

Higher temperatures can impact various parts of a vehicle, causing them to fail. This obviously can negatively impact a driver’s ability to safely operate one’s vehicle. Failure due to overheating can also cause loss of control of the vehicle, proving very dangerous – especially when traveling at higher speeds. Additionally, heat can cause the air inside a car’s tires to expand and possibly lead to a blowout. 

Decreased Visibility

Believe it or not, another issue that tends to increase during the warmer months is decreased visibility. As the days become longer and the sun is stronger, its rays can affect one’s ability to see sufficiently. The glare of the sun can also reflect off of windows and other surfaces, which can temporarily prevent the driver from being able to see anything. When it rains after a hot day, it can cause fog, which can also decrease driver visibility. 

Health Issues

A final cause of car accidents that increases with warmer weather is health concerns of the driver. The heat can greatly impact anyone, but especially the elderly and those with certain pre-existing health conditions. The hot temperatures can result in heatstroke or heat exhaustion, both of which may cause confusion, dizziness, seizures, and even loss of consciousness. Should someone experience any of these health issues while operating their vehicle, they can lose control of the vehicle, causing a car accident. Higher heat also commonly results in dehydration, which can also cause dizziness and other health issues. All of this can result in a serious car accident.

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