man pulled over driving high

Is Driving While High the Same as Driving While Drunk?

Much is discussed about the consequences of drinking and driving, but what about driving while high? After all, some substances may actually make your head feel clearer than without them. So is driving while high really that bad?  DUID stands for driving under the influence of drugs and is no less concerning than driving while […]

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mail theft

What You Should Know About Mail Theft

With so much happening online, we often talk a lot about cybersecurity and the risks that come with a breach of your accounts. However, what we don’t focus on, as much anymore, is the threat of mail theft. Mail theft is a felony that occurs when someone takes, abstracts, or steals mail that doesn’t belong […]

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criminal law books

What Is Unlawful Restraint in Texas?

If you have ever blocked someone from leaving a room or taken their keys because you wanted them to stay and finish a discussion, you may be surprised to learn that you could be charged with a crime in Texas for your actions. The crime, unlawful restraint, occurs when one person restricts the movement of […]

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Can “Catfishing” Land You in Jail?

The use of the Internet has created another world in which many people choose to hide behind their computers. Speaking with others online requires no proof that you are who you say you are. It is this ability to hide one’s identity that has led many people to partake in what is known as “catfishing,” […]

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insanity criminal defense

Is Insanity a Defense to a Criminal Conviction?

From being at another place at the same time to being drugged by someone else, there are various defenses to an accusation of a crime. But what if someone did commit a crime, but was not aware that doing so was wrong because of mental illness or defect? Can he or she be held morally […]

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What Happens if You Violate Your Texas Probation?

When you plead guilty to committing a crime, sometimes you will be sent to prison for a specific period and sometimes you may receive probation, a program in which you forgo prison and are instead put under community supervision.  You may be placed on either an active or inactive type of supervision with probation. With […]

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man with dwi charges

Can You Be Fired for Your DWI in Texas?

Being convicted of a DWI is never a good thing. It can negatively impact so many aspects of your life. Under Section 49.04 of the Texas Penal Code, an individual who has been convicted of a DWI can face numerous consequences such as up to 180 days in jail, up to a $2,000 fine, and […]

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