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Rideshare companies have provided Houston residents with easy-to-access, affordable alternatives to hailing a cab for nearly a decade. Customers can book an Uber rideshare by using an application on their phone. They quickly gain information about the car, the driver, and an estimated arrival time. Unfortunately, as ride-sharing services like Uber become more popular, the chances of an Uber accident increase as well.

Discuss Your Case With a Houston Uber Accident Attorney

If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident as a passenger or as a third-party driver, it’s important that you discuss your case with an experienced attorney. You may be entitled to compensation through Uber’s $1 million insurance policy or a personal injury lawsuit. At Ceja Law Firm PLLC, we can help you navigate the process of obtaining the compensation you deserve. Contact our team of skilled ridesharing accident attorneys today and learn how we can begin advocating for you in a free initial consultation.

Why You Need an Uber Accident Attorney on Your Side

Whether you were an Uber passenger, an Uber driver, or the driver of another vehicle at the time of the collision, working with an attorney is essential. Your attorney can help you determine who is liable for the accident. There may be multiple at-fault parties from which you can seek compensation. Filing a claim against the correct party will help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Your attorney will also hold the insurance company accountable and negotiate with them. Insurance companies are notorious for offering settlements that are too low. 

Likewise, Uber does not want to take responsibility for accidents and see their premiums increase. Uber labels its drivers as independent contractors instead of employees so they can avoid taking full responsibility for their actions, making it difficult to challenge them without an attorney on your side. 

Your attorney can help you negotiate a fair settlement that covers all of your current and future medical expenses. At Ceja Law Firm PLLC, we have the resources and connections necessary to determine how much compensation you deserve. We consider all of the following important factors and details in your case to obtain the best settlement or judgment possible for you.

What If an Uber Driver Causes the Accident?

Rideshare accidents can be some of the most complicated types of cases, making it essential that you work with an experienced attorney. However, if you were a passenger in an Uber that was involved in an accident, insurance coverage is somewhat straightforward. Uber has a $1 million third-party liability coverage policy provided by the company for passengers. 

If you were a passenger and you were injured because of your own Uber driver’s negligence, you will have access to the $1 million dollar insurance policy as long as the accident occurred while your Uber driver was working for Uber and driving you to your destination. Uber’s $1 million in liability coverage can benefit four separate groups of victims:

  •  Third-party drivers injured in Uber accidents when the Uber driver was at fault
  •  Passengers in the Uber vehicle or a third-party vehicle when the Uber driver was at fault
  •  Pedestrians injured by an Uber driver
  •  Uber or Lyft drivers injured in an accident in which the third-party driver was at fault

If you or your loved one have been injured in an Uber accident and circumstances such as these, there is a good chance that you may be entitled to recover all or most of your financial losses. No amount of money can ever fully compensate a person for the pain and suffering they endure after a serious accident. However, obtaining an appropriate amount of compensation can make the recovery process less stressful, speeding up the path to resume a new life after the Uber accident. 

What If Another Driver Caused the Accident?

If another driver other than your Uber driver, also called a third-party driver, caused the accident, Uber will not cover the cost of your bodily injuries and medical expenses. However, they do carry an uninsured/underinsured motorist policy. You will need to pursue compensation through the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage. 

For example, if a drunk driver swerved across his lane and into your Uber, causing your injuries, you would need to pursue compensation through the drunk driver and his insurance company. Unfortunately, many drivers do have auto insurance, or they don’t have enough coverage to cover all of their expenses. In these cases, victims can pursue a claim through Uber uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage in these cases.

Uber’s Insurance Coverage 

One of the first steps in an Uber accident case involves deciding whether Uber’s insurance coverage applies. The on and off nature of Uber’s insurance can be complicated for Uber drivers and others on the road. Uber’s $1 million dollar insurance policy will only apply when a passenger in the vehicle or the driver is en route to pick up a passenger after a ride has been booked. In short, the million-dollar insurance policy only covers accidents that happen when the Uber driver is on the clock with Uber. 

For example, if the Uber driver has the app open and is waiting for a ride request, the $1 million dollar policy will not apply. In that case, the third-party liability coverage decreases to a state-mandated minimum of $50,000 and bodily injury per person, $100,000 in bodily injury per accident, and $25,000 in property damage.

If you were injured by an Uber driver when they did not have a passenger in their vehicle and were not in route to pick up a passenger, you might need to rely on the Uber driver’s personal insurance coverage to pay for your injuries. Uber doesn’t require its drivers to purchase and maintain commercial driving insurance through their own insurance policy. As a result, many Uber drivers only have minimum liability insurance required under Texas law.

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