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Have you received a phone call or visit from a Houston police officer informing you that you’re under criminal investigation? Have you been asked to give a police officer a statement involving a crime in Texas? If so, discussing your case with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible is crucial. Being under criminal investigation can be stressful, but a criminal defense lawyer will help you protect your rights and work to minimize the chance that you’ll be charged with a crime.

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If you know or suspect that you’re a suspect in a criminal investigation, you may feel a sense of panic and concern about the future. Attorney Jose Ceja has handled numerous complex criminal cases. He gives every case the attention it deserves and will prevent the police department from violating your rights. To discuss your case with skilled criminal defense lawyers and learn more about your legal rights, contact Ceja Law Firm PLLC today. 

What to Do When a Police Officer “Just Wants to Talk”

Law enforcement officers are skilled at talking to suspects before arresting them. They know that without the protection of a lawyer, the suspect may incriminate himself or herself. Many criminal charges begin with a police officer making a non-threatening phone call or leaving a message with a suspect. The individual leaving a message might be a state or federal employee asking the individual to arrange a time to talk, or an officer may strike up a conversation on the phone that seems friendly.

What If the Officer Is Friendly?

Police officers are skilled at acting friendly and doing whatever they can to obtain as much evidence and facts as possible. Being nice is typically the best approach. People are more willing to open up and share embarrassing or intimate details with someone friendly and approachable. If you’ve received a call or visit from the police, it may sound friendly, but that’s because friendliness will increase the chances that you’ll provide a statement. If you’ve spoken to an officer on the phone or agreed to a meeting, you mustn’t panic. You still have time and the right to meet with a criminal defense lawyer before you participate further.

Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer As Soon As Possible in a Criminal Investigation

Keep in mind that your participation in any criminal investigation is voluntary. Sometimes, people assume that they will appear guilty when they hire a lawyer even though they’re innocent. However, the failure to hire a lawyer can have devastating consequences. Many innocent people have been charged with crimes in Texas over the years. Hiring a lawyer to represent you and protect your rights can help you decrease the chances of facing criminal charges.

There’s a lot of psychology around questioning suspects that police officers use, and unless you’re familiar with it, you could become a victim to it. Attorney Jose Ceja is familiar with all of the tricks and tactics used by the Houston Police Department to try to elicit confessions or damning information from suspects. He can help you prepare a statement to provide to the police department. Police officers are trained to ask difficult questions, put pressure on suspects, and try to get them to “crack.” An attorney protects people from these tactics by stepping in when the police officers cross the line or violate a client’s rights.

Your Fifth Amendment Protection Against Self-Incrimination

If a detective or law enforcement officer has called you to set up an interview, it’s crucial that you understand your rights. You should also understand the risks associated with submitting to a voluntary interview with a criminal investigator. The ultimate goal of the criminal investigator is to seek a criminal conviction. Detectives are trained to gain important information through interrogations. When you choose Jose Ceja as your lawyer, you can rest assured that he will enforce your constitutional rights throughout the process.

The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects us against self-incrimination. Prosecutors cannot require a defendant to testify against himself or herself in a way that would lead to a conviction of a crime. These rights extend to a defendant’s interaction with the police department and prosecution. We will discuss some of the rights you have regarding being the suspect of a criminal investigation in Houston.

You Can Terminate the Interview At Any Time

The police officer or investigator may tell you that you must participate in an interview. However, you are not required to participate in a voluntary interview under Texas law. If you choose to participate, you can stop the interview for any reason and at any time. We recommend that a criminal defense lawyer attend the interview with you so your lawyer can stop the investigation when necessary. You have the right to stand up and walk away and decline to participate further.

You also have the right to remain silent during the interview, whether police officers have arrested you or you’re voluntarily participating in an interview. If a police officer did place you under arrest, they must read you your Miranda rights. Your Miranda rights include the right to remain silent. If the officer fails to read you your Miranda rights, your answers to their questions will be inadmissible against you in criminal court. 

As hard as it is, you should resist the temptation to try to explain how you’re innocent to the detective and simply remain silent. Finally, you have a right to have an attorney present during your interview when you’re under criminal investigation.

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