Experienced Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a criminal offense can be a frightening, overwhelming experience. With your freedom and record on the line, it is critical to have an experienced, hardworking, and tireless criminal defense law firm on your side.

If you are charged with a criminal offense in the Greater Houston area, Jose Ceja, the lead attorney of Ceja Law Firm, is the right person for the job. With a well-earned reputation as a skilled, zealous advocate, he is ready to challenge every aspect of the State’s case and help ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

An Attorney You Can Trust

When you come to Ceja Law Firm, you are coming to a superior practice. Jose Ceja is an experienced trial attorney who has tried over 50 cases to verdict. He has been recognized by Houstonia Magazine and H-Texas magazine as a top lawyer in Houston and holds a perfect rating from Avvo.com. This kind of recognition is hard won, indicating multiple positive client reviews, hearty endorsements from peers, and a clear track record of successful outcomes. When you engage his services, be assured that you are connected to an attorney who is not only a fine legal representative but a sympathetic advocate who will always have your back.

Ceja Law Firm’s Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Ceja Law Firm is a comprehensive criminal defense law practice. We handle a great many areas of criminal defense, including:

It is important to be aware that convictions for DWI offenses will no doubt result in increased insurance rates, may give you a permanent criminal record, and, if the convictions are for felonies, prevent you from voting, make you ineligible for many types of employment, and keep you from possessing a firearm. Also, even after you get your license back, you may have to pay a driver’s license surcharge of hundreds of even thousands of dollars.

Above and Beyond

Ceja Law Firm stands out among the many criminal defense law firms in Texas because of our commitment to being personally responsive and giving each case a high degree of individualized attention.

We Will Fight for You

Our office is known for winning a high number of “no bills” from grand juries (meaning the defendant will not be indicted), dismissals, acquittals, and reductions of charges. You can rely on Ceja Law Firm to fight vigorously for your rights, your freedom, and your future. Beyond his excellent credentials and numerous awards, Jose Ceja offers you the advantage of his previous experience as a felony prosecutor. Having begun his work as an attorney on the opposing side of the law, he has valuable insight concerning what you may be up against in your present case.

We Will Fight for You
Former Prosecutor Experience
Former Prosecutor Experience

As a prosecutor, Ceja became intimately acquainted with search and seizure law and underwent extensive specialized training in a great many areas of criminal defense including gas chromatography (blood testing), computer forensics, and the administration of standardized field sobriety testing. All of this familiarity with prosecutorial techniques is invaluable in developing viable defense tactics.

Techniques Used in Criminal Defense

At Ceja Law Firm we recognize that every case is unique and therefore approach your case with an open mind, ready to explore all options. Unless you have an unassailable alibi, we may use one of the following defenses:

Illegal Search and Seizure

Law enforcement officials cannot search your home without a warrant unless they have reasonable cause to suspect that you have committed a crime. If they have engaged in illegal search and seizure, and then found evidence of criminal activity, the charges will typically be dismissed.


In such cases, you must have acted to protect yourself from possible assault and must have had a reasonable cause to feel yourself to be in immediate danger.


A necessity defense means that although you admit doing something that would ordinarily be against the law, the action you took was justified by the particular circumstances. In order for a necessity defense to be successful, we must be able to prove (among other things) that there was a significant threat, to you or another, necessitating immediate action, that there was no practical alternative to breaking the law, and that the harm you caused was not greater than the harm you prevented.


Duress means you were coerced, threatened, or otherwise forced to commit the illegal act and are, therefore, not responsible for it.


To use a defense of entrapment, law enforcement must be involved in your crime. The challenge here is to convince the judge or jury that without being enticed or pressured by law enforcement officials, you would never have committed the crime in the first place.

Mistake of Fact

The law recognizes that you may commit what appears to be a crime, but is actually a misunderstanding or mistake. If, for example, you take a person’s purse or knapsack home because it looks just like yours, you cannot legally be convicted of theft. Even though you knew theft to be a crime and engaged in the illegal action, you misunderstood the facts of the situation.

Great DWI lawyer - CASE DISMISSED!!!

My daughter got charged with DWI after hitting a tree. Her blood was over the legal limit and she had a lot to loose as she is a college student. I was comfortable with Mr. Ceja from the first time I met him and we hired him. It took a while but eventually he got the case dismiss!! Excellent attorney and highly recommended!

- Anonymous
If you are looking for the best available representation on a criminal matter, look no further.

Working with Jose was everything that working with a top-notch lawyer should be. I always felt that he was forthright, genuine, dedicated, and willing to discuss every angle of my situation so that I never felt in the dark. Despite the fact that the county we were working with took quite some time to work through the process, I always felt that Jose was on top of the situation. The man is sharp as a tack.

- James
Helped to save my son's future - thank you!!

We hired Mr. Ceja after our son made some foolish mistakes and was charged with several drug offenses, including one felony. He is a good kid who made some stupid mistakes and we were terrified that this would stay on his record. Mr. Ceja answered my calls on a Saturday night and immediately calmed me down. We hired him and eventually my son's cases were dismissed.

- Angelina
Great result on my assault on a peace officer charge

I hired Jose about two years ago to help me with a assault of a peace officer case after a fight at a bar. Never had a felony on my record so was really scared. I felt better as soon as I met with Jose. He explained everything clearly and although we had a to go to court for almost a year, the case was reduced to a misdemeanor deferred adjudication so I'll be able to seal my record

- CT

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